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Rapid Core Shift Online Training

3 Certifications for the Price of 1

I’m Yildiz Sethi, and I’ve been running a successful private practice for over 20 years now, as well as a Lecturer for Masters of Counselling for 8 years. I’ve helped thousands of people to break free from self-limiting beliefs,  patterns, and trauma, and have been a Counselling Lecturer for 8 years + my own online professional training, (all accredited) …

I know it’s possible to be more effective as a therapist or coach to be able to realise your full potential in your business, and truly be able to make a difference with the clients that you work with.

You see, when we have an approach that addresses both the PERSONAL and the SYSTEMIC to deeply clear neural pathways of trapped emotions, traumas. You can facilitate incredible breakthroughs for your clients, so they achieve the results they want..

It makes sense doesn’t it…

Yet, so many ‘modern’ healing and therapeutic approaches, have no understanding of how the unconscious systemic influences affect us, and have no way to resolve them, creating freedom for the individual.

And, so many Systemic Family Constellations practitioners, have no understanding of how to work directly with the individual clearing trauma, self-limiting patterns and beliefs…

This is why I created the Rapid Core Shift, 

So, you can train with 1 modality, which will give you all the confidence you need to work with a large variety of issues - trauma recovery, anixety, depression, abuse, relationships, personal development

Rapid Core Shift Mastery Training Bundle, Special Offer Bonuses


When you purchase the Bundle Training Package.

You will also receive 2 Bonuses:

Bonus 1. Group Supervision  - 1 x 2hr session for 4 months, worth $200

Bonus 2. 1 x Rapid Core Shift Session with Yildiz, worth $400

Bonus 1: 4 Months Group Supervision (worth $200)

Delivered on Zoom. 1 x 2hr Session per month

  • Confidentially sharing case-studies

  • Asking questions

  • Looking after you personally as you grow as a practitioner

  • Debriefing

Bonus 2 : Success Session with Yildiz (worth $400)

Private Session with Yildiz

  • We focus on setting you up for success in the training

  • We shift self limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns and behaviours

  • Yildiz works with your goals for the Training, and Improving the profitability, and / or sustainability of your private practice